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My Relationship Experience

I’ve been with Mike my amazing husband whom I met on a blind date thirty-two years ago. In 2012 everything was falling apart when I realized that I only loved him as a friend and couldn’t feel his love for me. I had been ignoring the fact that I didn’t have the connection I wanted with him. Due to a childhood trauma he had, I would go to hug him and he would often walk away leaving me feeling rejected and having a need for connection.

As a result of Mike being unable to meet those needs I reached a point where everything felt hopeless and I decided to walk away from the marriage. It was at that point that I discovered these techniques and put them into practice. My relationship changed immediately and has got better each day in every way including getting lots of hugs. It feels like I am on permanent honeymoon. We have both changed so much. I wish I had had these techniques and what I know now years ago.

Find the Love of Your Life Programme

Are you a women or man over thirty and looking to succeed in finding  a soul mate? Someone who is the love of your life?

Do you want to know how to find your perfect mate and stop attracting failed relationships?

Learn how to spot ‘red flags’ and the reason that you miss them.

Would you like to move on from the past and no longer have it affecting you? How would this transformation change your life and your relationships?

Would you like to be accepted for who you are and totally free to be yourself?

Would you like to feel confident expressing your feelings and needs?

Would you like to feel high self-worth, self-love and confidence?

Would you like to let go of attachments to past relationships?

Would you like to clear the ‘nothing works for me’ belief to transform your love life?

Do you need dating and profile advice?

What beliefs have you formed about love and relationships based on your experiences?

What has been the price you have paid or are paying now based on fear of the past repeating itself?

How will Release and Be Free Find the Love of Your Life Conscious Relationship Coaching Help?

I have designed the Find The Love of Your Life programme to allow you to discover why you are not getting the results that you want and to give you tools, skills and strategies to find soulmate love. The techniques used will allow you to release past pain and limiting beliefs.

If you're always focusing on the past it prevents you from seeing the future. If you are weighed down with your current problems and only focusing on them it is difficult to create the future of your dreams. Your clarity and internal guidance become blocked.

Your subconscious decides who you are attracted to based on your childhood experiences. If these experiences were negative such as the relationship you had with your parents or the relationship your parents had with each other was negative, you may continue to recreate this in your own life. Your love and relationship beliefs are based on your own perceptions and experiences growing up and throughout your life. Your subconscious beliefs keep running until you explore what you believe and how it keeps showing up in your life. This is why you may have read all the self-help books and still be single.

With conscious coaching and EFT/ Matrix Reimprinting it is possible to re-programme your subconscious mind and therefore change who and what you attract into our life. You will also learn how to stand out from the competition and get the attention of a good partner. You will look at other people and relationships in a whole new way. You’ll also discover how to communicate in a relationship and how to be yourself so that you can create an authentic and loving relationship. Above all this profound radical breakthrough programme will leave you feeling confident, empowered, having high self-worth and ready to succeed with attracting and keeping your soul mate partner. This revolutionary programme will be adapted to suit your individual needs. You will be guided and supported step by step through this transformative life changing process.

You’ll discover why you have been behaving the way you have and choosing the same type of relationships over and over again and the subconscious beliefs that lead to this. You will also learn why your past relationships were destined to fail and how to prevent this from happening again. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting will also be used to change these beliefs.

You will learn the truth about why ‘chemistry’ happens and how it can be a warning.

Remove it together with the protection ‘walls’ around your heart using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Let go of any feelings of love you still have for an ‘X’ and any pain your X’s have caused you.

This involves looking at your core values and the values that you want in your partner. Relationships based on shared values have a high success rate. Learn how to avoid compromising your values.

Explore how your thinking, beliefs and inner critic are holding you back. Release limiting beliefs so that you can create the love that you desire. Learn how to transform your thoughts so they are in alignment with your future desires. Your past need not affect your future.

Once goals are set EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can be used to remove any fears or blocks.

Do you love and accept yourself? It is difficult to feel love from and towards others if we lack self- love and self-worth. It can lead to approval seeking behaviour and difficulty accepting complements. EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other techniques will be used to grow your self love and worth.

Learn to trust your gut feelings and learn an intuition exercise to find out what you really want.

 Questions and subjects not to talk about on your first date.

Learn how to spot controlling and poor behaviour early and other ‘red flags’.

Let go of any need to attract and rescue people with big problems that they haven’t dealt with. Please note that if Co-dependency is present, this is an addiction and takes more work and determination to overcome. I am experienced at working with this and have personal experience of overcoming this addiction.

Learn why and how to be authentic in a relationship.

Learn a powerful visualisation technique to attract soul mate love that only takes a few minutes a day.

Learn how to keep your partner.

Learn how to get your partner to meet your needs and alternative ways to get the needs met that they can’t meet.

Maybe painful intercourse or premature ejaculation etc. These can be helped with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

This is just a selection of what you will learn in this revolutionary programme.

This Isn’t For You If :-

You get enjoyment out of drama filled relationships.

You are not motivated to change your life and want to keep doing things the way you have always done them.

Your point of view is always right and you are not open to any feedback and suggestions for change.

You would rather complain to others to get their sympathy about how difficult your relationships are.

You enjoy poor treatment from others and have no interest in finding out why it keeps happening.

I’d love to help you to put an end to your struggles and help you to be the best you can be so that you can create the relationship of your dreams, one that lights you up both in and out of the bedroom. Even if it doesn’t feel possible to find this, I can help you.