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‘The moment we reflect on a past event is the moment we open ourselves up to learn from that experience’

“I hadn’t realised how much one incident in my childhood has had such a profound influence on my life. This one incident has prevented me from freely expressing my emotions and letting people get close to my emotionally encase I lost them.

Your time and patients through the use of Matrix Reimprinting has opened my eyes and released this burden I‘ve been carrying with me for the past 40 years.  You truly are a wonderful and special person”.   


“Thank-you so much. That was an amazing session. You were very gentle and intuitive”.    A.H

“Teresa's kind and caring nature helps to create a safe space where I have been able to release painful emotions from my past linked to difficult relationship experiences. She is an intuitive and open hearted person who has gently helped me find those places I needed to go to free myself from the past. I have found powerful shifts can happen very quickly with Teresa. If you are feeling stuck and wanting to find a new way forward I highly recommend Teresa and Matrix Reimprinting”.

Amy Shoreham-by-sea

“Teresa is a great practitioner always professional and very intuitive. I believe that she has got great skills for the field she is working in”.


“My psychopathic ex, controlled and emotionally abused me for 15 years. I was so reliant on him as his words and actions made me doubt myself. He turned my friends and family against me so I had no one to turn to. I am now in a loving and happy relationship where I feel confident to be the real me and express myself.” A.J.     Thank-you for your great intuition and patience.

“It never felt safe to speak up for myself so I always went along with what my partner wanted. I felt depressed and in the end didn't even know what I wanted. Now I am in touch with my feelings and needs and feel confident asking for what I want. Your sessions have transformed my life, I'm so grateful to you”. S.E.

“I couldn’t understand why my partners kept leaving. I used to expect them to love me when I didn't love my self. I kept putting my self down and asking them for their approval. Now I love myself and never ask for approval although its always good when it’s freely given. I'm also able to make time for myself and listen to my body’s needs. I now feel so alive and so different even my aches and pains have gone. I have so much more energy as well .Eternal thanks for your care,kindness and intuition”. R.W.

I have done EFT and Matrix swaps with Teresa and I can say she is a gem to work with .Thank-you Teresa.    C. Heath.

I had severe M.E and Fibromyalgia for 10 years. I couldn’t work and could rarely go out. I felt exhausted most of the time like I had flu and had run a marathon. I had tried so many therapies and was continuaing to get worse. Thanks to the work we did together I have been symtom free far a year and am working for the first time in 10 years. You are so intuitive and kind and the techniques you use are so gentle I wouldn’t be alive without them.  

Being a mature gentleman of 50+ and having had speech disability all my life I did not think that my dissability could be treated. Having had a session of tapping I established that there were underlying issues which went back to my childhood that had not been dealt with. It was an emotional experience to make this journey back to my childhood and it helped me to understand myself.

I choose Teresa to help me for my relationship break up. My partner drifted in complete Alcoholism, suicide threats, etc.  and the whole journey was very traumatizing.

In one session she assessed the situation with lots of empathy and optimism and from then we worked weekly with tapping and matrix reimprinting.

My tears got less and less and soon I was able to process the situation. Meanwhile I have solid ground again. My ex-partner went into rehab, got a new partner and we were finally able to talk about our past. While sharing the passion of cycling we are able to go on trips with the bikes and are spending time as friends. This is very nice and wouldn’t be possible without the help of Teresa.

I can recommend her from the bottom of my heart: she works very sensitively and brings the best out of you!

If any problem occurs again which I cannot solve myself, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her again!

Many thanks and all the best Teresa!