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About Teresa

When Teresa founded Release and be Free her intention was to create more love, more emotional freedom and improve people’s health and well-being on a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental level. The biggest inspiration behind her desire to do this was through her own struggles to overcome a life time of difficult personal relationships, Co-dendency addiction and poor health.

Teresa is a former nursing sister with a passion for caring and helping others. She turned to complimentary healing and coaching techniques to overcome  chronic illnesses including M.E, Fibromyalgia and depression. She used the techniques she had learned to overcome these illnesses and has manifested the life she desires. She now feels in control of her life rather than life controlling her.

Being married for 32 years, she has learnt a lot about relationships. She used these techniques to transform her relationship from failing to amazing. In her spare time she loves 5 Rhythms dance, canoeing, body boarding, hiking and being around friends and animals.

Teresa is passionate about her work and loves using the techniques she has learned to transform her clients lives. Her clients say that she is very caring, intuitive, patient, open hearted and professional.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Release and Be Free is to become the most respected and trusted holistic life  transformation business. Teresa is passionate about helping people to release emotional pain and trauma; transform their emotional and physical health, helping people achieve their goals and educating  people in areas of well-being, love, dating and relationships to create more love in the world.

Teresa believes our relationships are the most important area of our life and that they are vital for our well- being. The mission here at Release and be Free is to empower men and women around attraction, dating, love, long term relationships, Co-Dependency and all other interactions.

Teresa is passionate about using the latest proven cutting edge techniques to re-programme unhelpful beliefs and blocks which then allows people to manifest the life of their dreams and the love that they deserve. She is committed to studying and learning though continued professional development so that she is always up to date with the best transformational tools and strategies. Everyone is treated as an individual and sessions are tailor made to suit your individual requirements.

By providing exclusive and confidential sessions that nourish the health of the mind, body and spirit, her sessions provide the tools and support for creating a life of balance, increased health and an ultimate love of self to better serve and perform optimally in life and business. Her ultimate goal is to have her clients become the most confident, passionate and happiest versions of themselves and to be able to create loving, caring, respectful and positive relationships.


Matrix Practitioner                            Matrix Reimprinting for specific issues

EFT Practitioner                                Angel Healing Practitioner

Life Coaching Certificate                    Training in Emotional Health

Reiki Level 2                                    Counselling Diploma

CBT  Diploma                                   NLP Practitioner

Teresa offers one to one personal consultations and Skype video or telephone sessions.

Home visits may be possible.

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How I Have Changed as a Result of  EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

EFT and the specialized form of EFT known as Matrix Reimprinting saved my life. It now feels like the weight of the world has lifted of me and I live in a different world. It works on everything and has transformed my entire life from my physical to emotional health; my marriage; my friendships; my work; my grounding; my clarity, confidence and self worth.

It has allowed me to transform my health and recover from many years of M.E and severe Fibromyalgia which meant that I had to give up my nursing career. It caused severe pain and loss of the use of my legs and as a result led to me contemplating suicide several times. I am finally free of years of emotional childhood trauma pain. I used to have a lot of difficulty sleeping and if I did get off to sleep would have nightmares. Now I fall asleep as soon as I go to bed and wake when the alarm goes off.

I was unhappy in my marriage and have transformed that as well as my sex life. I have transformed my relationship with my family and now have new friends in my life who treat me with love and respect instead of them trying to control me, as I now have self-worth and self-love. I have more energy, clarity,  inner peace and happiness than I have ever had. My confidence has now sky rocketed as has my intuition and I am becoming more authentic by the day. I am a lot less reactive as situations don't trigger me like they used to. It has also provided me with the job of my dreams as I now help others to transform their lives.

I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development. I am insured by Holistic Services Insurance.