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How I Can Help You

Are you looking to have great relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues as well as maybe transforming your physical and emotional health? I can help you to get really clear on what you want and to remove the blocks to achieving it. Many of my clients suffer with a lack of self –worth as a result of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Some grew up modelling parents with low self-worth.  When you love and respect yourself you refuse to accept poor treatment from others and set firm boundaries. When childhood wounds are set free they no longer block you from getting what you want and they no longer act as a “magnet” to poor behaviour from others. This also means that narcissists can no longer abuse us as we are no longer a vibrational match for them. You feel confident to be the real you and create the relationships you’ve always wanted that never seemed to happen. You become free and are no longer controlled by or at the mercy of others.  This then transforms your physical and emotional well- being.

Who I Serve

I help men and women who want to transform their relationships to get clear on what they want in their relationships with my Conscious Relationship Programme and to remove the blocks to getting it as well as past emotional pain with transformative and easy techniques.

Some of my clients want to improve the relationship that they are in; maybe they are really struggling to make it work or are thinking about leaving.

Many have suffered emotional, sexual or physical abuse as a child and/or adult or been made to feel worthless or not good enough.

Many of my clients are caring and sensitive people and some are empaths.

Many of the men and women I work with often attract one controlling and narcissistic person after another into their life. This is often as family, friends, colleagues and partners. Sometimes they are struggling to leave a narcissistic person, or keep going back as they maybe feel addicted.

Some of my clients just want to recover from abuse and don’t want another partner relationship.

Many struggle to deal with confrontation and conflict and find it hard to communicate their boundaries or needs.

Many of my clients have trust issues and some find they need to control relationships to feel safe.

Some of my clients need help to let go of past relationships that they are unable to get over.

Some also have some or all of the following, depression, anxiety, Irritable bowel, physical pain, M.E, Fibromyalgia, difficulty loosing weight and Thyroid or Adrenal problems due to years of feeling stressed and unable to relax. Some have arthritis or other health challenges. I can help them release these symptoms and get well.

They may support others and often then find when they need help themselves these people disappear.

Some are going through or have gone through a divorce.

They may often only see the good in others and can’t understand why others don’t treat them with the care and respect that they treat people with.

Many think that if I try harder and give more to someone who treats them poorly, that they will be given the love/care/respect they deserve but they never or rarely get it and just try harder and harder.

Many feel sometimes unconsciously that as they aren’t good enough, they have to get their self- worth by pleasing others and getting their approval.

They may believe they are unimportant and here to take care of others because it feels like other people and their needs are more important.

Many also find they feel overwhelmed because they can’t say no and put everyone else’s needs first.

Many feel a need to help or “rescue” other people that are behaving as a victim and suffering in some way as they have a need to take the other person’s pain away and fix them.

They may have difficulty being completely honest with some people.

Some people have been too afraid to start dating again as they expect to attract the same behaviour they have always attracted.

Some of my clients have had an affair or their partner has had an affair and they need help in either transforming their relationship or moving on.

Individual Programmes all Taylor Made to Your Individual Requirements

My Narcissist abuse Co-Dependant Recovery Programme allows people to release the need to help and “rescue” other people and to find self-worth and confidence as well as becoming empowered.

Many of my clients need help with my Conscious Relationship Creation programme when they are ready to attract their soul mate. This allows them to find what they want in a relationship with exercises that get them in touch with their needs, values and red flags. It also teaches lots of secret ways you can spot from the start if your potential partner is a good match for you. For those that need it there are many tips on dating as well as communication. This programme together with easy transformative techniques means that they become unstoppable in finding and attracting their soul mate.

Some people are contemplating leaving their mediocre or unhappy relationship. Providing there is no abuse in the relationship I offer my Conscious Relationship Transformation Programme.

Would You Like To:

Are you fed up with struggling with poor relationships? Are you ready to turn your personal and work relationships from failing to thriving by learning new skills and removing your blocks to success?

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