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Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)

EFT History

In the early 1990's Gary Craig developed EFT as an offshoot from Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy (TFT) by simplifying the process. Gary suggested trying it on everything and I have followed his example. He knew that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the bodies energy field. In the same way this disruption is the cause of most physical conditions. He transformed the lives of thousands of people using this technique on them and many thousands more people who have learned this technique and use it on themselves and others. The technique is so simple that it can even be learnt by young children.

How Does it Work and What is it?

EFT is an Energy Psychology which focuses on the relationship of energy, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and health. It combines Chinese medicine with modern psychology.

It involves using the finger tips to tap on some of the acupuncture meridians which sends kinetic energy along the entire meridian system to clear any blockages in the same way that acupuncture does. The energy needs to flow smoothly through these meridians in order for us to have good physical and emotional health. We tune into where we feel the energy blockage in the body for example the anger, sadness, physical pain etc. and describe it as we are tapping. Also by doing this we will be taken back to the first time we had that experience and are able to go back and clear the emotion and transform any limiting beliefs we made at the time. Around 90% to 95% of everything we think, do and say comes from our subconscious beliefs. Some are these are limiting and unhelpful and don't serve us. Most are also made in the 0 to 7 year old age range and many are made as a result of misunderstanding and misperceptions. These unhelpful beliefs then create blocks in our life. It is possible to change these beliefs in a similar way to re programming a computer which then raises our emotional and physical state and what we are attracting into our lives. These beliefs might include I'm not good enough; I'm useless; I'm unlovable; I have to be perfect; my needs aren't important.

The stress hormone Cortisol has been measured before using EFT and again afterwards and has been found to be lowered afterwards.

Uses of EFT

EFT can be used on emotional as well as physical problems and to find and remove blocks as well as change limiting beliefs. It can be used to clear past traumas and even works well on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It helps to improve performance be that sexually, public speaking, in exams, sport etc. It also provides inner peace, clarity, joy, happiness and more confidence. It often works where nothing else will.

Other uses include :-

Stress and anxiety

Finding a relationship

Co-dependent relationships

Improving relationships

Chronic pain

Confidence issues

Self esteem

Panic attacks





Depression and sadness

Illness and serious diseases

Succeed with your goals and dreams

Compulsions and obsessions

Negative memories

Sexual , physical and emotional abuse issues

Grief and Loss

Weight Issues


Food craving









What other are saying.

Louise Hay, Heal Your Life author when talking about E.F.T. said ' It is delightful that something this simple and easy could really work.'

Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, describes it as ' the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years'.

Dr Wayne Dyer says ' Put away your scepticism, this really works …  I've had great results with tapping in my own life.'

I describe it as ' What worked when everything else failed’. Although Heart and Emotional Intelligence have also been very beneficial.