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Matrix Reimprinting

    Teresa was trained by Karl Dawson who invented Matrix Reimprinting. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting work on the body’s energy system using gentle tapping on the acupuncture points whilst focusing on a particular problem.  The negative emotion is removed as well as any limiting beliefs formed at the time. The original picture of the event is also changed to a positive picture to replace the old picture held in the mind.

     Negative beliefs, which can often be subconscious (meaning we are not aware of them) can affect not just your mental well-being, but also your physical health. When you are not enjoying full physical health there are often old underlying emotional issues. Stress on the body and its nervous system can be caused by negative emotions such as anger, worry or sadness. It’s possible to gain more energy and vitality by releasing buried emotional conflict.

If you are feeling emotionally  blocked or stuck in any way contact Teresa by phone or email to discuss how these techniques could help you get to where you want to be.