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What is Far Infrared Light Therapy?

Research has shown that Far Infrared rays (FIR) have amazing healing effects on the body. They are invisible and present in sunlight. Much of the pain in the body can be due to poor, circulation, inflammation and muscles that are in spasm. Warming the muscles with Far Infrared Light Therapy can reduce inflammation, improve circulation and relax muscles. This can help to eliminate accumulated metabolic waste leading to the alleviation of muscle spasm that can cause local and referred pain. Normal heat pads only warm the skin whereas Infrared heat penetrates up to 4 inches into the body.

FIR Light Therapy can provide similar cardiovascular benefits to physical exercise. This means people who are unable to exercise can achieve the cardiovascular effects without having to move physically.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

This reduces inflammation and pain. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It increases the  uptake of nutrients. It improves cellular detoxification and regenerates cells. It accelerates repair of bone, nerves, cartlage and soft tissue. It balances and strengthens the immune system and improves sleep quality. Repairs EMF damage as well as improving blood circulation and lymphatic system flow. Improves brain function and many more benefits.

Seven Chakra Crystals

As well as the above features, the Rainbow F.I.R. therapy full body mat was designed by a Reiki Master and includes 7 Chakra crystals for healing on a spiritual as well as physical level. Some of these include Amethyst, red jasper and blue lace agate.

enefits include

Improved self- confidence and self-esteem

Setting healthy boundaries

Mental focus

Being able to give and receive love with ease

A greater sense of connection

Boosting fertility

Help with Thyroid deficiencies

As well as many other benefits.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are what make us feel good next to the sea. The crystals in the mat give off high levels of negative ions which increase the flow of oxygen to your brain. They increase serotonin and alleviate depression. They also relieve stress and boost day time energy.

What is a Rainbow F.I.R. Therapy Mat

This is a full body size mat on a couch. You lay on it fully clothed and enjoy the warmth and healing energy. It can also be performed sitting in a chair.

It provides all of the above, the F.I.R. therapy, P.E.M.F., 7 crystals and negative ions. It contains an EMF blocking layer. Unlike heat pads that only warm the skin, F.I.R. Therapy penetrates up to 4 inches into the body. It is for those  wishing to seek not just physical improvement, but spiritual and mental improvement as well.

Some Benefits of FIR Light Therapy

Reduces pain and stiffness

Help with arthritis and rheumatism

Helps with Chronic Fatigue

Helps with Fibromyalgia

Lowers high blood pressure

Lowers side effects of diabetes

Stimulates weight loss

Detoxifies the body

Boosts the immune system

Improves blood circulation

Helps with  cellulite

Improves motor function

Helps with  sprains, strains, bursitis and neuralgia

Faster healing of injuries and wounds

Inhibits bacterial growth

Helps with depression and anxiety

Relieves stress

Helps allergic rhinitis, hayfever and other


And many more benefits